Out on 9 December: No More - Touchlight Buddhas (LP + CD) (Minimal Maximal)
01. Turnaround
02. All Is Well
03. Not Far To Go
04. Hypnotized
05. Warm Jet Stream
06. The Cold Years
07. Midnight People & Lo Life Stars
08. After The Rain
09. This Was Die Modernistische Welt
10. Touchlight Buddhas
After 22 years of non activity, No More (most known for their culthit "Suicide Commando") decided to re-start in 2008. This LP (including free cd) contains selected tracks curated by Dirk Ivens from their 3 latest albums, all in reworked versions, plus unreleased material.

Out on 9 December: Beta Evers - Delusion (CD) (Daft Records)
01. Velvet Leaves
02. Frozen Breath
03. Sore Suspense
04. Nothing But Art And Pain
05. Tirring Dreams
06. Skin Tight
07. Garden Of Love
08. Torrid Illusions
09. Hit Me
10. Kalt
Finally, Brigitte Enzler presents her first ever full length album. It is filled with brandnew minimal and experimental electronic music with an 80s' touch. Her memorable vocals add a sultry and mysterious touch to her music.

Out now: KnK - Dead Body Music I + II (CD) (Daft Records)
01. Empty Future
02. Lost God
03. Left Behind
04. Fall Down
05. Colt 45
06. Forgive My Sins
07. We Are Not Free
08. Dead Body Music
09. They Die
10. Sin
11. The Hunger
12. Darling
13. Colt 45 (Live @ Coalescaremonium IV)
14. Empty Future (Remix by Signal Operator)
KnK, a Belgian newcomer, presents you DBM (Dead Body Music) and takes you on a dark electronic journey with a macabre twist.

Out now: Alvar - Guilt Kollektion (CD) (Daft Records)
01. Nordsee
02. Walk Among Friends
03. Ascends The Feelings
04. Knuckle Duster
05. Diffuse Tomorrow
06. Gated
07. If This Is You
08. Blodpumparmuskeln
09. To Give In
10. Wunde
11. Execute A Man
12. Terminal 5
13. Sweden (Red Vote Version)
Alvar is a duo making music inspired by deserted places, forgotten houses and old legends from Öland, Sweden. A clash between techno, old school Industrial and EBM, expect darkness, pounding drums and scraping metal.

Still Fresh
Parade Ground
Singles Collection

Unidentified Man
Identify Yourself

Vita Noctis
No Place For You

Anvil Fx
Prova De Biologia

MM017LP + free CD
Whispering Sons
Endless Party

MM015LP + free CD
The Happy Hunting Ground / Phantom Limb
The Happier Hunting Ground / Dance Of The Guilty